Mark Tyrer - Consulting Geochemist

Telephone:  07976 758 707                             E-Mail:
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My e-mail client reads each of these accounts, but please use the second one for MIRO business.

I have a telephone extension in each office or lab in which I work. If you know I am there and can't reach me by  mobile, please telephone the number shown on the appropriate page.

Post:     Departmental addresses (and map links) are on the relevant pages. Please let me know that you have posted something to me (and to which address you have sent it ! ) - I' will confirm it's receipt by e-mail.

Fax:     If you want to send a fax, you are obviously in a hurry. Please call me on my mobile and I will advise you of the best fax number to use.

Confidential Documents

If you would like to send an encrypted document, please contact me first. I  use PGP 8.0.2 and will send my public key on request. I will only receive a single file (including "zip" archives) and I use a dedicated e-mail account for secure messages. The icon links to the PGPi home page.

To learn more about encryption, read The GNU Privacy Handbook  (Copyright © 1999 The Free Software Foundation) or An introduction to Cryptography (Copyright © 1990-1999 Network Associates, Inc).

Web Conferencing

I use Interwise software for web conferencing, mainly on KTN business. Click the icon to learn more.

Business Networking

Linked in is a business networking tool, hosting profiles of professional people, which allow members to search for individuals, skills and services. The icon is linked to my entry.

Zoominfo describes itself as a business information search engine and is a very large  database, but with a North American focus. The icon is linked to my entry.

Voice over IP

Skype is probably the best known VOIP application and it allows a group of people to hold voice or video conference calls. My skypename is